Surviving the First Week at Canadian Workplace

Most of the LINC learners particularly in Stage 2 (CLB 5-8) are very new to Canada. They attend LINC classes primarily to upgrade their language skills in order to get into their own choice of career. Majority of LINC learners also take up survival jobs (full-time or part-time) to support their families while attending the LINC programs. While juggling with time and schedule between work, study and family they are unable to attend full-time classes; however, they are highly motivated and willing to follow up lessons outside class. This open-source web-based blended thematic module has been prepared for LINC Level 7 with the most popular LINC class schedule in mind (3 hours per day / 15 hours per week). There are ten 3-hour integrated lessons that can be completed in two weeks. The first half of each lesson has focus on listening and speaking while the second half focuses on reading and writing, and it can be easily adapted for shorter duration skill-specific programs. The module can also be used in similar adult ESL programs across Canada.
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Ham and Schnabel (2011) suggest that Web 2.0 technology can effectuate problem-based learning a virtual reality through social multi-nodal networking, various multi-dimensional software programs, real-time video streaming and image processing. An array of online tools including the widgets available on Wiki Classroom, Wordle, Quizzlet, Skype, and Facebook are housed on this website, and are used to facilitate blended learning. Wikispace platform is used for collaborative and interactive participation and contribution by creating, editing, sharing and publishing of documents by learners and the instructor. During face-to-face interaction the internet, a Smart Board, PowerPoint, digital images, Digital Document Cameras (ELMO), digital audio recorders, camcorders, and videos are required. These tools will help educators to integrate pedagogy and content and disseminate it beyond time and space.
It is not necessary for learners to have access to the internet during face-to-face class hours; however, they should follow up in-class work on this website for at least one hour after each lesson. All learners have access to the computer laboratory and technical assistance at school after or before class hours, but learners who have access to the website on their personal gadgets may follow up learning tasks any time anywhere. This module is intended to be taught in Weeks 5 and 6 of an eight week program, so learners have been introduced to a number of tools in the previous weeks.

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