Surviving the First Month at Canadian WorkplaceLesson 3:Getting Out (Emergency Evacuation)

Prepare for this Lesson
To help your instructor prepare for the lesson, complete a five seconds poll HERE or respond to the email you have received from this website.

To prepare for Lesson 3, skim through the lesson below and read Task 1 & Task 2. What are the functions and forms you may use in the class? Post your answers here.
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Lesson 3: Task 1 (Listening and Reading)

Pre-Task: Work in small groups and label your schools’ floor plan (Click HERE to view a sample floor plan). Mark all the exits from the building. Are there as many entry points as exit points? Why?

Pre-Task 2: As a class watch the video (Building and Office Evacuation) and answer the following questions. You will watch the video twice.
  1. What are some reasons for evacuating a building? List four.
  2. Every organization should have an evacuation plan and everyone should be …….. with the plan.
  3. Emergency evacuation plan is developed by …………………………
  4. …………………………… points are used to assist orderly evacuation.
  5. External meeting places should be well ……………………….

Compare / share your answers with a partner.

Task (Work in pairs (supervisor and new employee): This is your first week at workplace. Your supervisor has given you a map that shows emergency evacuation plan from your work station and is giving you a tour of the building.
Supervisor: Give direction and instructions as you take a new employee around your workplace. Use the floor plan for your own school (from pre-task) and take the employee around.
New Employee: Ask for clarification and details. At the end, summarize the directions to demonstrate your understanding of what your supervisor has told you.

Present your role-play to the class.
(Instructor records a role play using a Digital Voice Recorder and plays back during debrief to give feedback).

Post Task Analysis: Instructor role plays the task with a competent student. Others take notes on imperatives and sequencers.

Practice: Role play the task once again with a different partner. This time, record your role play using a DVR (available in the class) or using your own cell phone.
Optional Speaking Task Practice (outside class follow up): Download Skype HERE

Step 1: Add / invite your classmates to your friends circle on Skype.
Step 2: Send messages to schedule a Skype call with one of your classmates.
Step 3: Based on the feedback you received from your friends and your instructor, review today’s speaking task.
Step 4: Make Skype call to practice today’s speaking task

Lesson 3: Task 2 (Reading and Writing)

Pre-Task: In groups of four, describe to each other one of the emergency evacuation procedures on the flow chart. Click HERE to view the flow chart.

Task: This is your first week at your new workplace. Your supervisor has provided you with an emergency evacuation flow chart. He / she has asked you to write a description of the flow chart to be posted on the bulletin board along with the flow chart. Write a short description of emergency evacuation plan as shown on the flow chart.

Task Reporting: Instructor invites 3-4 learners to present their in-class writing to the class. Learners put their writing on document sharing camera ( ELMO), the class read the work silently and then the presenter shares his/her reflections.

Post-Task Analysis: Here is a sample of the description of the evacuation procedure written by another employee. What is wrong with it? What changes would you make? Why it not appropriate for CLB 8 writing tasks?
Emergencies Requiring/May Result in a Building Evacuation Fire Earthquake Terrorist Event Hazmat Spill (Bomb threat, explosion, etc.) Duck & cover. After shaking stops, exit building. Do not Life Threatening Alarm activate the fire alarm Explosion Bomb Threat Pull Station. Activated Yes No Call 997 if immediate rescue or medical assistance is required Evacuate the spill Evacuate Building site. Warn others to stay away 997. Take cover, then exit Do not handle or touch Call 999automatically notified. Call building if directed by object. Move to a safe with specific info (exact Emergency Response area. Do not activate location, type of incident) if Team. Do not activate the fire alarm. If safe, stop the spill it can be done safely the fire alarm Call 999. Evacuate Call 999. Cordon Call 997 the building if directed off the area. Call by the Emergency Waste Management Response Team SLAD 19022007.

Safety, Health & Environment Sanitation Supply Chain Stakeholder Relations Management Employee & the Community Work Life Balance Welfare Philanthropy Sports, Arts & Culture Conservation
Chemical Safety JSA Chemicals are common in all workplaces. Properly utilized, they are great tools in the performance of our jobs. Improperly used, they can cause serious injuries. Some guidelines include: You have a right to know about every chemical you use. Know where your Checklist Book is located! Study the Checklist, before you use any chemical for the first time! Follow label and instructions exactly. Do not use anything for which you have not received proper training. Use any Personal Protective Equipment, as per the instructions. Never mix chemicals, for any reason. Always ensure that you are aware of what you are using. Check the label each time you pick up a chemical! If it has no label, or an improper label, destroy it!
Practice: Read the following sentences (conditionals in conjunction with imperatives). Follow the pattern and write / rewrite three sentences for the flow chart you just described.
  1. If you finish painting the bedroom, start the bathroom
  2. If you arrive on time, come to the meeting
  3. If it rains, take an umbrella
  4. If the food is cold, put it in the microwave
  5. If you can’t find the answer, ask your teacher

Homework: Go to and prepare instructions for evacuation from your classroom in case of fire, bomb threat, earthquake, chemical spill etc. (as assigned to your group). Post your work on the discussion board below.
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